I was at a loss about what to blog about today.  Then I hit 100 Facebook Page followers.  So I drew a cute little thank you on a “scrap” piece of paper.
 MouseClimbers.jpg100 may not seem like a lot to people.  For the longest time I kept my circles small.  I just hit 150 on my personal page after having the account for eight or so years.  Many are people I worked with, more are people I have met since I started doing art full time.
100 is a landmark.100 people think that art is worth their time. 100 people think I am actually creating something interesting enough for them to spend their time on. 100 people think my art is worth looking at.  Hopefully, given enough time, I can get 100 more people who think my art is worth a few of their precocious seconds.  Maybe they will decide that it is worth a bit of their hard earned money also.
I am actually supposed to be doing nothing this week.  I wanted a week of rest and relaxation after leaving my previous job and rushing to ensure I had everything ready for the Oddmall Event.
I just cannot seem to stop!
In addition to the cute little mice mountaineers, I also started the lines for the next Alice in Wonderland inspired piece.  I will start coloring it in later today.
Check my Instagram for progress shots!
…and Thank You for your support!

Lessons Learned : Oddmall

This weekend was my very first event as a vendor. I learned a lot and have things that I can approve one.
First off, I had a lot of fun.  Sunday was better than Saturday.  Not necessarily because of sales, but people were more talkative and actually asked questions.  I am more than willing to talk about the art all day long.
Stock:  I do not have to bring nearly as much as I did.  Three or for prints and cards of each design is plenty.  This will lighten the load and everything should fit in a rolling suitcase or something similar.  Maybe I should try to get one of those crates on wheels.
I also learned that there is never enough table space.  I was so sure that I would not have enough stuff to fill the table.  Hahahaha… Boy was I wrong.  I could have used another 2 feet of table.
I was grateful for the lulls in traffic.  Making sure I ate and drank appropriate amounts was important and having restroom breaks was handy.  Oddmall offered booth sitters, but I found that they never seemed to be around when I needed them.  I had great people on either side of my booth.  We watched over each others things during quick breaks.
I look forward to doing more events.  I cannot wait to learn about the challenges of doing outdoor events.  I already anticipate sunburns and things trying to blow away.
There is only going forward now 🙂


Long Day

I have been working on art since 9 am today.  That puts me around a 10 hour day.  I still have this blog post and a few more things to tidy up before I am done.
I think I am going to go for a walk first.  I am about brain dead.
SLF_Cover_lines_Small.jpgHere is one of the things I created today.  I made this so I would have a cover page for this section in my portfolio.
I think I am going to turn it into a coloring page.  Maybe I can find a few of the other scans of lines that I did and turn those into coloring pages also.
I can put my contact information on them and what not.
One day left before my first event as a vendor.  Oddmall Tacoma.  I am excited and terrified.  New things are never easy.


Writing Prompt: Hospitality

The Girl was nervous.  Her palms sweaty and she felt a bit ill.  She had already drank the water provided and was fidgeting with the glass.  Anything to keep her hands busy.
The Girl put the glass on the coffee table in the small room, got up from her chair and started to look at the items on the book shelf.  A potted fern, books with words she could not read, a strange mask looking item held her interest for a while.  She was about to touch it when the door to the room opened.
The only word the Girl could think to use for this woman was Matron.  All in dark colors, hair pulled back tight.  Her fingers were long and looked strong and deft.  Hands that would teach her many lessons, some unpleasant she suspected.
Matron gestured for the Girl to follow.
No one had spoken in the time she had been here.  Even the Guardian who dropped her off had said nothing. The Girl cleared her throat and made to speak. The Matron quickly turned her head and glared at her, frowning her disapproval.
Matron walked efficiently down the well worn halls passing many doors.  Up a long flight of stairs that left the Girl breathless and staggering.  She struggled to keep up with Matron.  Matron did not slow her step and continued to walk briskly down the halls, making quick efficient turns.
When they finally stopped it was in front of a door.  The Girl did not recall seeing any signs in the place as they had rushed about.  This door was no different.  The Matron gave the Girl an impatient look and gestured for her to open the door.
The room was as nondescript as the hallways had been, a small chair and a bed.  Hooks on the wall for cloths.  The Girl stepped in, hoping for something different behind the door.  The only thing she got was the sound of the door closing behind her and the lock click into place.

Amazing Story: Reblog

Good ol’ Microsoft Paint. The standard Microsoft Windows app was most likely the first graphics tool you ever used, but outside of creating a specific style of memes, you’ve probably graduated to more advanced programs like Photoshop or Illustrator. Pat Hines, however, is a Boston artist who could never quite get the hang of Photoshop,…

via This stunning graphic novel was entirely illustrated using Microsoft Paint — Quartz


Today was my last day with my long time employer.

I chose to leave for many reasons. None of which I feel are appropriate to share (no burning bridges here.)

I am so nervous about my new venture.

It is hard to be an artist.  It probably always has been.  The pessimist in me says I will fail.  I was irrational to leave now.  Plus many additional negative thoughts.

I have received many positive comments and a lot of support from my past co-workers and current friends.  These give me hope that I might make it, even if it is just for a few months (darn pessimism.)


Super Busy!

After last weeks “busy work” of photographing all my art (an annoying tedious process,) I am…
…still doing “busy work.”
The only reason I am not as bummed out about it is that this “busy work” goes places.  I have been emailing people all week to try to get into events and maybe be a part of a “art for a cause” showcase.
Today has been particularly fruitful as I have an order for 30 cards (squeee,) a commission, and hopefully the originals of my skull experiment will be heading to their new home (waiting on payment, bah.)  I also got replies to several emails and have a few things on the way for my first event in 10 days!
Petrified and excited all at once.
In two days I will be fully self employed.  I will no longer be working full time for someone else’s dream.  I get to work full time for my dream.
Being a pragmatic person, I am still not sure I can do it.  I will not know until I try though… right?
I have been so happy with the level of support I have gotten.  Everyone I have gotten feedback from is excited and encouraging.  It makes me feel that I can do it. “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, said the little train.”
I STILL have not made anything new this week.
One of my favorite creations is the “Haunted Dryad.”  I worked really hard to get it done (still missed by self imposed deadline.) I stayed up late on work nights and worked on it all of my “free time.”  I barely gave myself any rest.  Over 60 hours later (spread out over 2 weeks) and about 1,188,000 dots later it was done.  So were many pens, and a good portion of my sanity (so says my spouse.)

Stippling! 60 hours and an estimated 1,188,000 dots. I think this is my best work this year