Time to get Moving?

Another month has past and I have done little in regards to searching for a job.  I have slowly been organizing my resume and taking my time getting php installed (I am still not comfortable moving files around to install the program.) On the plus side I have a meeting to put the finishing touches on a site for a customer. One more project done and under my belt.

I really dislike how wishy-washy and indecisive I have been about finding a better job.  It is difficult to convince myself that it is a good thing to move on to something with a future when I have such a secure and stable position already.  I like secure and stable.  Moving means giving that up.  Most organizations are hiring for six month contracts with the option of extending you.  That is not represent long term security to me.  Especially since I am new in the Web Development/Design field.

 It is easy for some people to just move on, leaving jobs and security behind for things that are more rewarding.  There are many that have trouble moving on, even when we know it needs to be done.  It is hard to leave that comfortable place.

I have some steps that I like to take when dealing with change.

Mentally preparing for a change is always my first step.  Plan out what good and bad things might happen.  Try to prepare for some of the more likely scenarios (I am still here with the moving to a new job thing.)

I like to do a lot of research next.  There are many people who are experiencing the same issues and they have valuable knowledge.  Learn from others mistakes. 🙂

Start working on it.  Create a plan of attack.  Start with putting your resume out there, research potential employers, get a loose interview schedule in place (times you can leave work early or find a sitter, etc.)  Get your interview outfit(s) ready and rehearse the answers to common questions (more internet research!)

In the end all you can do is straight from a Nike slogan.  “Just Do IT!”


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