Weird Dreams

It is amazing how our subconscious tells us that something is wrong or bothering us.  Lately I have been having story arc of amazingly active and high pressure dreams.  If I was not an artist or interested in marketing (lots of psychology there) I would probably be annoyed at how much energy my dream self has be burning through.

I find dreams interesting.  The can inspire an artist to paint something truly personal and deep or a writer to create a new world. They also let us know when things are bothering us, things that we try to suppress the rest of the day.

I love my dreams and I really want to share this one with everyone as an example of a dream that has a purpose.


Dali had one of his worst migraines while painting this. It is really small too, 9.5in x 13 in. If you like Dali you should check out his short animation he did with Walt Disney entitle Destino ( )

My dream starts in the basement of a three story house.  I am cleaning and babysitting a seven or 8 year old girl. At some point I notice that there are some military looking people “casing” the house.  One of them enters the house on the main level, while the other tries to sneak around the back to one of the open basement windows.  Since I noticed them, wait for the guy using the window to get inside the house.  I then pick up the girl and toss her outside and lock the door (for some reason this door locks people in.)  The guy on the main floor notices and starts yelling and running down a set of outside stairs to reach us.

The girl is whining and complaining, basically throwing a tantrum.  I pick her up again and run into the back yard.  I have come to a bit of a ledge about 4 ft high and toss the girl up then scramble up a near by ladder.  I can hear that the two military guys leaving the house to follow.  They probably called backup or something.  I grab the girls hand and start running. She is still whining.

A foot chase ensues.  The military guys called backup and now we are being chased by four or five guys.  The girl has stopped whining and resisting, but we are still running, climbing and jumping.  I wake up after what seems like hours of parkour like activity I wake up.

It does not take a genius to figure out that this dream is about avoiding something (represented by the military guys) and protect something (whining girl).  In my case it would be avoiding my preconceptions of what a web design job will be like.  At the same time I want to protect my “innocence” from the dangers of the world.  Basically I have been avoiding the job search because I am afraid of what might happen (or not happen.)


I am not unique in my worry about a new job, and certainly not the first to avoid it.  At least I got a cool dream out of it!

Night all!

Pleasant Dreams 😉


2 thoughts on “Weird Dreams

  1. I like the way you describe the “story arc of amazingly active and high pressure dreams.” I felt completely connected and like now I have some kind of new understanding of my own hugh energy dreams/stories. Thanks for sharing.

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