So Many Things…


This is a banner I painted for a friend and his Warhammer 40k Space Wolf Army. The runes around the edge have a message. It translates roughly to “Good deeds lead to pride and honor, memory of the deeds of the clan enrich all generations. Beware the fools who are complacent , for that is death.” From my research the Space Wolves were Nordic in thought and would mix praise with a warning as they march to battle.

There are so many things to get done during the day.  I often wonder how I am going to get all of the things in my head out into the world where they belong.  Right at this moment I just thought of the opening lines of a song by Death Cab for Cutie entitled Soul Meets Body. “In my head there is a greyhound station. Where I send my thoughts to far off destinations. So they may have a chance of finding a place where they are far more suitable…”

There are so many things pinging, bouncing and even floating around in my mind.  It is difficult to find time (and some days, the energy) to work on them.  I have several painting ideas, a handful of CG ideas, website ideas and a crazy amount of mundane tasks (dishes, laundry, shopping and such) all vying for attention.  I would love to send them off to completion in whatever media the belong to, but I have not.  Things have been busy and all I want to do (like most working people) is chill out and spend time with the family when I get home.

My angst with all of these ideas is coming to a head, though.  Soon I will be in uber production mode.  All of the paintings will get done, so will the CG and the website will pop up, as if from the aether.  Not much other than techno, club, and dubstep (I will sneak in some Monster Magnet or Alabama 3) will issue from any speakers in the work room (unless I am sleeping, Strauss, Bach, Yoshida Bothers and instrumentals for the resting mind and body) in an effort to get my body to speed up to the pace of my mind.

Wow! There was a lot of side tracks in that paragraph.  It is almost like reading Douglas Adams and stopping at each of his footnotes.

Each person has their own way of sorting through their ideas.  Just like they have their own way of assigning priority.  I just do whatever catches my interest at the moment.  I often work on three or four things at once (paint needs to dry.)  Not in an effort to finish faster or do more, but more because that is where my mind goes.  Thoughts like “Ooo.. this color will look great on….” or “this is boring…” drive me to have several projects going at once.  More often then not I have a “this does not work / look right” moment and will start from scratch, pushing up other projects.

When I get into these sessions (months long usually) I just work.  My legs and feet will be sore from standing at the easel.  My butt might get numb and my eyes cross from sitting at the computer. Everything is super faster paced, go-go-go.  Everything gets done and my mind will be clear and uncluttered for a bit.

I live for the the enjoyment of completing a project and those few days of mental quite.  All I get are a few days.  The ideas start piling up quickly and in a few months I will have to start the process all over again.

Every day that goes by and my ideas are stuck in the head another bee is added to the buzzing.  The only way to get it to lessen is to start doing the things that are upper most in the mind.  It does not matter the order they get done in.  Only that they get done so the idea can move on and leave room for a new idea.

So many things… lead to so many other things.  In this manner I will leave my mark upon the world.  I will leave many things for others to enjoy, reflect upon, utilize, and ponder.  I may not become a Picasso, Monet or Michelangelo but I will leave a mark.  I only hope those who experience my marks will be better for it.

Have a good weekend everyone!


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