Cannot Sleep: A Nights Rambling Thoughts

I have had a pretty good night up until an hour ago when I realized I was not going to be able to fall asleep without writing in a journal (or similar) to relax and clear my head.  I thought this might make an interesting blog post, since I have several things floating around demanding my attention.


Awesome costume at the Privateer Press booth from PAX12. Taken my me:)

1. PAX Seattle.  I am going to be working in the table top area of PAX!  I worked it last year and it was very fun.  I realize it is still a little while away, but I have not heard anything from the dept manager and I would like to know what is going on.  I like to plan and not knowing is driving me to insomnia.

2. It is humid here.  Humid and hot.  One or the other I could deal with, both is just bananas (insert Gwen Stafani clip here.)  I also stopped by the hair salon and got a trim and they put product in my hair.  So it is hot, humid and my hair is sticky.  Not cool.  I should probably hop in the shower. Clean my hair and cool off.  That would make sense though, why would anyone want to make sense at midnight?

3. All the projects I have to do.  I have posted a few times about being unmotivated to work on projects.  Another hindrance is to many projects.  I have a conte on wood project in the works, and two more mixed media on wood planned (small still life ones, TG) a large single panel canvas planned and sketched out, and a large 3 panel canvas planned and sketched out.  I still have to stretch the canvas for the large ones (I missed the sale on canvases at Michael’s this week.)  I also have some Web Design stuff to finish.  I need to finish installing PHP on my server. A lot of my planned web dev projects hing on getting this done (I feel like a lazy bum every time I think about it.)

3. Family in town this weekend!  When am I supposed to get stuff done when I have to entertain my divorced parents?  So far I have scheduled each one at least one day to hang out with them.  I hope that is ok.  I do not want either to feel slighted.  Thankfully neither are staying with me this time around.  All are in hotels, so that eases most of the burden.

4. Interview on Monday.  Yay, I have an interview on Monday and I am super excited.  I am not excited about taking the bus into Seattle to get to it.  That is almost 2 hours of my life spent on the bus/train for something that might not pan out (sleepy Carissa is a little pessimistic.)Mr.Worry

5. I love how a worry about how tired I will be tomorrow makes me more worried and less likely to get to sleep in a timely manner.  It is a viscous cycle.  The “calming” music and the cooling fans are not helping either. In fact the pan flutes that just came on are annoying.  Time to skip that song!

6. Random Stuff:  The cats are sleeping at the foot of the bed.  I kind of wish I could curl up or flop almost anywhere and sleep.  Not in this heat though. Bills, bills, bills (need I say more?  Did not think so.)  Studio Killers “Apollo and Eros” is pretty catchy, the whistling is kind of fun.  At work today the HVAC in the area I work went down.  My office is across from the wood shop and they were varnishing wood today.  The smell was horrific and hung out ALL day.  I got paid to be “high” on paint fumes all day.  This is not as fun as it sounds.  Everyone was cranky because of headaches and most of us had upset stomachaches all day.

So why did I put all this out on the net?  I am not sure. Artists do weird things all the time and sleepy ones are even weirder.  I would usually just type this (and more) in a journal entry, but I figure someone out there in the wide spans of the internet would miss the entry and feel lonely for lack of a person to identify with. Or maybe I just wanted to have an entry that did not have a purpose.  Most of my entries to date have expressed an opinion or problem with some possible solutions.  One cannot have that all the time, we must have variety! Like eating wheat bread is good for you, but once in a while you should have some cake.  Spice it up (sweeten in this analogy.)

Alright.  I have rambled long enough.  I am going to try to sleep again.


I am so sleepy I did not bother to check and see who I borrowed this from.



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