Finished Design!

I am super excited!  After days and days of working, reworking and re-imagining my client finally settled on a design for their product.  It was basically what we started with!  So frustrating!  But I guess that would be a typical client.

Either way it is very exciting.  This might just give me some time to figure out PHP and WordPress so I can stop doing the graphic design stuff and move towards the Web Dev and User Exp stuff.  Graphic Design and Marketing are interesting but not exactly what I want to do.  If you had asked me 10 years ago I would have been all over it, but now I want to work with the next frontier.  I am glad that I know the basics of Graphics and Marketing.  It makes the User Exp design much easier.


A friend decorated their child’s room in a Safari theme. Usually I work in acrylic on canvas, but I thought wood could be an amazing choice for this topic. I started it over several times to get the right feel. In the end it is conte and crayon on wood. It was amazingly hard to get conte in color that is not a shade of brown, so I ended up using crayon for the greens. I just need finish off the background and seal it. I have never worked on wood before but I learned a lot.

I have had a rather productive holiday so far.  I got a key design done, started on a second, research the clients competition a little and I am almost finished with an illustration that I have been working on since last fall.  I am so close to finishing and I have so many other ideas for paintings, it is needless to say that I am very motivated this holiday weekend.

I still get discouraged.  I was so close to telling the client that they might want to find a graphic artist instead of relying on me.  So close to cutting all the ties and going back to the grind of work and job search.  I am still not 100% sure if this is the best path, but when considering my options this path is “doing” right now.  In a time like this, for someone with my personality, it is important to “do” or I will get stuck and never do anything.  I will just be stuck in the status quo.  If I do that it will totally defeat the purpose of going to school,  working with a career counselor, and working with people that I am not familiar with, doing things that are not my strong suit.  I cannot improve unless I go out and “do” things.

It is hard to avoid not doing things.  Especially during the holiday when I just want to relax and not sit in a computer chair staring at a computer screen.  I suppose it is one of those things that I will always struggle against.  Accept and move on 🙂

Have a good holiday everyone out there!





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