Working Zombie


What will they think of next? Click the image to go to the store that stocks it 🙂

We all have done it.  Tried to create something while we are mostly asleep.  Whether it be a web site, code, fine art or a sketch the results can go one of two ways, brilliant or terrible.  I am usually surprised which it is each time I work while I am basically a zombie.

When you are mostly asleep it is like you stop over thinking things and, even when creating from scratch, you just naturally do a decent job.  Then when you are more rested you can touch up things and the result is usually really good.  On the other hand you can realize you are really tired and over compensate and over think things.  Resulting in extra work for later.

This is just a neat phenomena that I just noticed, while I am a virtual zombie from want of sleep.  Great insights can come at the oddest times.

Happy Friday Eve!

I’m going to get some rest 🙂


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