Almost There

I finally got PHP, MySQL and Apache completely installed and running! Even better I got the WordPress Developers package installed and running!  I had to cheat a bit and used XAMPP :I  Once I get a few themes under my belt I will go back and install everything separately so I can have the most of the software and flexibility.

I kind of feel incompetent because it took me three tries at installing things separately (failures) and twice to install XAMPP.  I ended up wasting time watching a few videos and finally got some good help from a StackOverflow article.  TG for the internet and places like StackOverflow or I would have had to get a fine arts degree!


I went to Tacoma’s Art on the Ave this weekend. There were some great shows. The dancers always looked like they were having a good time despite the heat and glaring sun. Even though I adjusted the camera settings most of my early morning photos were washed out 😦
I have not done much of anything to this photo, just cropped out the crowds heads.

In the end, no matter how I got it accomplished, I did get it done.  Tomorrow I am going to start on making a basic theme from one of the tutorials I found.  In the mean time I am reading about PHP and refreshing my sql commands.

I am very excited about tomorrow and getting a chance to create something that is on the path I chose for myself.  I may have had a few graphic designs used and a few basic HTML and CSS sites used, but that does not make me a web designer yet.  Getting a theme that more than 10 people use is where I am going to start.  I have some things in my head that I think will be really cool. They are a bit different from the normal fare seen on WordPress, but in some instances different is good. I hope that I can get them out there for you guys sooner rather than later.

Keep working on your dreams!


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