The Road to Learning

Holy Smokes!  I have been looking into the WordPress themes and their creation and I have to say that this is going to be tougher than I thought.  I might have to start taking some online classes or something.  Reading a book and following along with a few tutorials is NOT going to cut it.  Every time I look at something I get more lost. 

Is it standard to only be able to have 5 or 6 nav buttons / links per line? My big question right now is how can you – OR – Can you adjust a theme’s nav bar to be able to add more pages without it going to the next line? 

Every time I look at something I end up leaving one function to go to another function to another and so on.  This is getting kind of annoying.  I am pretty sure the real problem is my lack of understanding PHP and WordPress in general.  I am already missing the “basic” HTML and CSS layouts with the JavaScript bits. 

Enough complaining!  I do like the ease of use on some things.  It is pretty easy to install plugins and widgets and get them to work.  I also like that WordPress sites usually look very professional, well business casual anyway.  I have only seen one Worpress site that was visually horrific.  The site designer let the client walk all over the design. *shudder*  No I am not going to pass on what site it is, that would be rude and unprofessional.  I also am generally impressed with the number of plugins and widgets you can get. There is a way to add just about everything that a person would need.  If you can’t find it put the idea out there and some coding genius will make it happen.  Awesome!

If anyone can recommend a good set of WordPress instructional vids (free would be amazing) it would really help me out 🙂 





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