Motivation!? Where Have You Gone?

My Motivation to do has gone missing again.  Usually it comes back when I have fun projects to do.  Not this time.  Like a child looking for it’s favorite toy, I search for my Motivation.


Lately I have been bouncing around “Minimum Engagement” and “Unhappy.” I am usually at “Work with Passion” and “New Ideas.” I don’t like being unhappy. I need my Motivation BACK!

Has the warmer than pleasant weather made it go into hiding?  I think so.  Then again there is the waiting.  The waiting on other people to do their part in things.  My Motivation may have gotten bored and went for a stroll some place far away.

I look around my office at my unfinished painting(s), boxes that need packing and papers that need filing.  I poke around my computer and see the projects I should be working on.  The small chores the usually get done as I move around the house are also piling up.

I have become something of a potato, suck in one spot staring into space, or sleeping. I have not even been planning my next paintings, dreams, books to read, games to play.  All good past times that require little effort.  Instead of DOing, I lamenting over my missing Motivation.

Perhaps my Motivation went on a holiday.  Was I over working it? I want to go on a holiday!  Lazing around the beach or better, a nice lake with lots of shade.  Make my Motivation wait on me for a change.


Of course, I could not really care. Maybe I am trying to fake it? Interesting thought. Office Space, you are such a good movie.

Motivation, Please come back!  I miss you.


Deep. To bad I am not motivated to think about it to hard.



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