All my weekend are belong to PAX

I have been trying very hard to keep to a Thursday blog post schedule.  This week has been very crazy.  I have hardly had time to sleep let alone post anything worth while.  I am rather happy with how my earlier post went, a little winding, but okay over all.

Tonight I prep my gear for PAX.  I have my enforcer shirts, camera batteries are charging, water is in the fridge, the kettle is full and the teapot is prepped with a very potent Super Irish Breakfast (2x as much caffeine as coffee.)  Rinse and Repeat for an additional 3 days and you have my PAX plan.


Here are a few of the games that were available at PAX12 (or is it 12PAX?) Anyway this is a great place to play an old favorite game or try a new one before you buy it. They will even show you how to play.

During PAX I will be posting various photos, mostly to the Table Top Twitter feed, with the every popular PAX hashtag among a few others.  I am going to launch my personal twitter during PAX with photos that are cool but not related to the dept I am working in.  I almost forgot about FaceBook.  I will try to upload photos there too.

Sometimes it pays to leave a decent paying job, to work a minimum wage job for the awesome privileges such as, behind the scenes pics, first in line, and first parking spots.

I hope to see some of you awesome people at PAX.  Make sure you stop by the Table Top section.  If you are not really interested in the new table top games, feel free to relive some fond memories with your favorite, they will be in the lending library.


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