I realize that I shiukd be posting my review of PAX with my pictures BUUUT this is post content is burning a hole in my brain.
I am on my way home and throughly caffinated(oolong green tea with honey) and I haaave to paint. In the midst of moving prep I HAVE to paint. It is a ‘moral imperative’ that I paint tonight. Not start a picture, but do the whole thing,  tonight.
I have three fleshed out ideas for paintings right now. I am going to work on the easier of the three. A red monochrome piece (small version before I put it on a sheet of plywood.) It will have a cherry tree in blossom and mount Ranier. It is going to be really intense.  Then again the person who wants it (the big version) is pretty passionate, so it should be ok.
My other two ideas are much more detailed so I am going to try and wait until I move to do them… I just remembered another big piece I need to do. Light houses on a bay or sound. I need space to stretch the canvas for it though… that one would be good to do too.
Aaarrrgghh!!! Now I am motivate d to do stuff and I do not have the space. Really brain! I really dislike you sometimes.

No pictures right now. I will post some in my gallery and on FB when I finish tonight.

Later peeps


One thought on “Gottagottagotta

  1. I did not get as much as I wanyed done. The rain is really coming down and the increased humidity made the paint dry slowly. It did enable me to start research on another small piece, so it was not a great loss. I will have lots of time this weekend.

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