Autumn, season of change

Every fall my thoughts fall to the next year and how to prepare for it.  I start planning the changes I need to make for myself and my family.  Changes that maybe as simple as making sure the flashlights have batteries or harder ones like planning a healthier lifestyle.  I do not think of these things much during the other seasons, only autumn, the season of change.

I kind of wonder why autumn makes me think these things.  If you go through the seasons and attach a “mind set” to them fall usually comes out as “change.”  Winter is “sustain,” Spring is “rebirth,” Summer is “fun,” and we come back to Autumn as “change.”  Maybe this has to do with the colors we associate with fall.  Oranges are uninhibited and extroverted colors, reds are passionate and yellows comforting.  It could be the changing of mental gears.  The end of summer fun and starting to prepare things for next year.

This year my autumn is full of change.  Buying a house is the biggest change and brings with it many smaller changes.  The new daily routines have the biggest impact.  I still do not know all the turns in the halls or places where the floor squeaks.  This things take time to learn and will change as we make changes to the house.

My favorite new routine is how close to work I live.  Instead of getting up 2-3 hours before work, walking to the bus stop and then taking the bus to work. I now walk to and from.  This is really good because I need the exercise and it has already inspired a few ideas for paintings.  Another bonus is that I am not spending hours playing games on my phone.  I do not get to read either, but I usually wasted my bus time with games.  Now I listen to some music and think about things.  Things can become so clear with a little walk.

Change brings on hope and dreams.  I hope I will be healthier in 2014.  I dream of being able to fit into some of my nice cloths.  I dream of the good times my family and I will have in our new house.  I hope that things will go smoothly in the year to come.  All my hopes and dreams are started by changes.  Changes in the seasons.  Changes in circumstances.  Changes in attitude.  The new year does not start in January for me.  It starts in autumn.

Why not plan a change this autumn.  Maybe it will turn out better than a New Year Resolution.Image


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