Designs for the Holidays

As the major holidays approach (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year, might as well add Hallowe’en too) I find myself dreading the visual information that we will all be forced to endure for the next two months.  The worst holiday offender is Christmas.  There were stores that had Christmas stuff up before their Hallowe’en stuff went up!  Insanity…

As I create the Facebook and website banners for my internship position I thought I might share some of my insights (if you want to call them that.)  I am not a crazy advanced Photoshop user, I would say intermediate at best.  I still enjoy creating stuff in Photoshop even if most of it is “designer” work.  What is “designer” work?  Most designers (like interior designer) take existing items and make them into something cool and functional.  That is what I do in 40% of my designs, just arrange things until they look cool. 


Image #1: Hallowe’en! (I cannot get the photo option box to open correctly :I or I would put my comments in there.)

Hallowe’en is one of my favorite holidays.  I tried to capture some of the neat things about this holiday.  Crazy orange and black stripey back ground, a moon, bats and creepy purple glowing letters.  Yes it does look like something that the Halloween Store might use, but I like that store!  Once I took out my employers information I realized it made a really neat generic background.  I think I will put it up on my FB 🙂 



Image #2: Thanksgiving.  One of the most overlooked holidays. 

This was harder to balance once I removed my employer information.  I think it came out alright.  Turkeys are some ugly critters though.  Now is Thanksgiving one or two words?  In the US the name of the holiday is one word but I always spell it as two until I realize that I am working with the holiday word, not the act of Thanks Giving (or giving thanks…)  English (especially American) is crazy.  I had a heck of a time getting the fonts to stand out properly against the gradient of the Seattle Skyline.  The scripts that I tried kept disappearing and adding glows just looked dumb.  So I tinkered with it for a while.  The original has “Happy” and “Seattle/Tacoma” in Impact.  They needed to stand out when they were smushed close to the “Thanksgiving.”

Anyway, those are my two designs.

I tried to keep things simple.  Stay away from busy background AND foreground.  Only one layer should be busy.  If you are going to use a fun and silly font make sure the rest of the fonts are much more simple.  I really like the Hallowe’en one.  It is fun AND creepy, but not so bad that kids cannot enjoy it.


More work tomorrow.  I am going to work on a New Year and Christmas Banner tomorrow.  Stop by and see how I do Christmas without it looking like someone vomited a department store display!


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