Not Good Enough

Our days are colored by our first thoughts in the morning.  If your first thought is something like “I don’t want to get up and go to work.” You are probably going to have a mediocre day.  On the other hand if you wake up and our first thought is more positive “That was a good sleep.” You are probably going to have a better day.

not-good-enough_design  Many of us wake up and our first thoughts are of the work day or what was on our minds when we went to sleep.  Most of the time I (and many people I know) got to sleep by running over a list of things that did not get done and need to be done “tomorrow.”  How depressing is that!  Even worse is when you are doing extra work (volunteering or internships.)  Those extra hours of work make your day really long and add to your daily to-do list.

Looking at this I am not surprised that most of my morning thoughts are “I don’t want to get up and go to work.”  I am basically working two jobs.  I do well at the one I get paid to do.  The internship, I am not sure about.  When you are unsure where something is going that increases the negative things that go on in your head.

Everyday we encounter things that make us feel like we are “not good enough.”  People may tell us this with words or action, we may just encounter an activity that makes us say “I am not good enough.”  Every time we encounter this we have a choice to give up, avoid or keep trying.  I know a lot of people will avoid the issue until they have to give up because the time to deal with it is past.  There are lots of people that just give up without even trying.

Stephen-Hawking-QuoteI think the fewest number of people actually keep trying.  To keep trying when you think you are not good enough and to keep trying when other people tell you that you are not good enough show perseverance. To be able to keep going when YOU think that you are not good enough is the hardest thing to overcome (personal opinion.) These are the people that are usually successful.

Most of us want to be successful.  Many know that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication.  When we come across self doubt things get harder than most can deal with and we end up giving up.  If you can get past your self doubt and persevere you can be everything that you have dreamt about.


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