Blogging: A method of Expression

I have never really been much of a writer.  I prefer to draw and paint.  I love all kinds of art and crafting but writing has never been something I did to express myself.  Images are worth a thousand words, so to speak.

Blogging is a newer way for me to express myself.  Especially since I am away from my painting materials right now.   I used to keep a journal, sporadically.  Just so I would have a way to create stuff that I was unable to come up with images for.  Sometimes I really did not want to turn my experiences into images, they might be to dark or just take me places I was not willing to go.  Now I do my best to keep on a schedule and put out things that are interesting, not just to me but to others as well.

Writing is low cost and easy way for artists express themselves.  All artists should give it a try.  I may be well read, but I am not a very good writer.  It takes quite a while to ensure that my posts are free of spelling and grammar errors and that my words make sense when read.  A writer friend says that is normal and that all authors do that.  It is much different than how I paint/draw and that is probably part of my hang up on writing.

There are many similarities to painting and writing.  While the process varies from artist to artist some things are key. They both usually start with an idea and an outline of the major areas.  For an artist this means outlining the negative spaces and areas of different colors.  A writer may outline the progression of the story and attributes of the characters.  If it is an article or research paper this means creating the thesis and outlining the major points and finding backing statements.

The second stage is where things start getting a little different.  I fill in the back ground first and re-outline any areas that may need it.  A writer may invest time in building the characters or research points, ensuring that the background information will enhance the story, not detract from it.  For a painter this is also the stage where colors and form may start to change.

This is where things get more varied by type of artist. Since I do a lot of surreal stuff with little or odd detail work, I focus on the forms in the painting.  This means that I fill in blocks of color and shadow then move on to any details that may be needed.  I would liken this to a writers first round of edits.  There are many ways to do this.  Some artists fill in ALL of one color or ALL of a block then move on the next.  This would be like writing all of one characters interactions or all of one chapter before moving on.

Lastly I do my detail work and any highlights that may be needed to accent the shapes.  Time for the final edits for the writers.  This includes a top coat to keep the image from getting wiped off when cleaned and my signature.  The only thing left to do is find someone who whats the work (finding a publisher.)

In the end writing is another form of art and it will take time before you are considered accomplished.  Painting is the same way.  Just because I can paint something without drawing the lines does not mean that I did not practice hours in the past.  I take it for granted that writers end up doing many, many edits before getting things right.  Probably more edits that a painter has, even for a well thought out piece.

Keep creating works of art with whatever your medium is. 🙂


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