Getting Organized

I know a lot of artists and most of us are kind of messy and unorganized.  Not necessarily in our homes, those  may be spotless and super tidy, but in our art.  I know writers that have books scattered all over their work space and painters that “lose” their brushes (or other small paraphernalia)  in the stacks of paper, canvases and paint.  Throw in a little “oo shiny syndrome” and you have four or five projects in the works.  Nothing really gets done because things get lost.

messyworkspaceI have cleaned out my area several times and have found half finished canvases, backgrounds, brushes, tape, paper, and x-acto knives and all sorts of other things that I forgot I even owned.  This time I am going to be more organized when I set up my workspace.

I really believe that a clean and organized area helps organize my thoughts and actions.  An organized work space keeps me on target and working on one to two projects at once.  Giving each my full attention.  Yes, painters can work on several pieces at once and still give each their full attention.  Watching paint dry is not fun, might as well use the time to create something else.

How am I going to do it?

coloredfoldersNot a clue.  I really am not sure how this will come about.  I know I need shelves and that is about all I know right now.  I did find a turning kitchen utensil holder (to hold things like big spoons and spatulas.)  I put all my tall brushes in it and hung my scissors on the pegs on the outside.  I have a square vase for my short brushes and another for knives (sharp and palette.)  In my previous space I used binder clips and some 3M hooks to hang up my newsprint (great for sketches and drafts.)  It worked out well.

I am open to suggestions.  Let me know if you have an idea that will make a workspace more organized.


One thought on “Getting Organized

  1. I know how you feel. I have so many projects and so little focus. I have half written stories and unfinished models and well I am just bad at follow through.

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