Many people spend the two weeks before a new year either looking forward and planning the next year or looking back and tallying the hits and misses.  Many people do both hoping that they will learn from the failures and make the next year better.  I have already done that.  I spent one day on both.

While I am thinking about the past and the future it is not what my focus is.  My focus is today.  Today I made sure I got up in time to get the morning routine done, started the pea soup (slow cooker for the win.) and even was able to take out the recycling.  I made sure I had everything I would need for my after work meeting (which was just canceled.)  Now when I get home I can focus on the home things.  Today I need to make sure to clean up after the plumbers, spend time with the spouse, clean more, exercise and have some personal time, all before bed.  I really need to go to bed on time today, too.

I really think that during this time of year people forget about the “Today.”  These are still days.  They still count to whatever goals you have.  Discounting them is short changing yourself and will mess up your figures for the year.  Instead of distributing things across 365 days you end up distributing things across 351 or less, depending on when you start your Holiday Season.

Hypothetically I could have planned on doing 365 hours of self prompted education (learn to code or speak a new language, learn to knit, something new.)  If I dismiss the two weeks before a new year I have just increased the daily duration.  It is only by two and a half minutes (estimated,) but those minutes add up (to two weeks!) and soon you may find yourself back logged if you choose to skip out on them on a daily basis.

It is important to remember the past and learn from it, it is also just as important to plan for the future.  The thing that ties the two tenses together (past and future) is the present.  It is where we exist and where things happen.  It is what makes the past and where we take the steps that will bring us to the future.

Look at me, slinging around analogies in math and English!  I must be “on” today.

Have a great new year everyone.

Look behind, look ahead, but live in the present.



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