Sucked In

Occasionally I will get “sucked into” a project.  Instead of being a job or task it turns into a personal mission for me. Half the time the projects are not even mine.

I MUST: succeed, make it better, do this/that, help out, investigate, plan, do, more, more, MORE!

I have two projects that I have become sucked into, my employers Commute Trip Reduction program and a website and logo design for someone that my spouse is working with.  Yep, I am not even responsible for one of them!  I just got sucked in when I was asked a question.

If you live in a major metropolitan area you might know about Commuter Programs.  Many cities or states require that employers with a large amount of employees working during a particular time frame promote “alternative commute methods.”  Basically they will pay you to do something other than drive alone to work.  I help out with our organization’s CTR program.  I do the graphics, marketing and help with data entry, if I have time.  Recently we created a FaceBook page for the program to help promote it (we have zero budget.)  I just spent a good portion of my day researching the laws and policies dealing with the program.  This research goes beyond what I would need to know to create any graphics for the program.  Why?  So I would have things to post on the FB page.

I have essentially absconded with the FB page.  I am not sure why.  I do not think I am the “best” person to post things.  I am not the only person that creates content.  The program coordinator had the idea a few years ago.  It just popped up again and I ran with it.  It really is a good way to distribute information to lots of people.  I might have run away with it because I ended up creating the new logo for the program and a bunch of icons to use.

I do not want to have this on my shoulders.  I have better things to do that think about things to post on FB about commuting.  The problem is that I do not think the program coordinator will pick up the slack if I stop.  I am not sure that they see the value in the FB page.  I am working on getting others to manager the page, hopefully it will happen soon.


My “Commuter Icons Bar” Once I have the single icons done I am going to share them for other people to use.

My goal with today’s post is just to vent about my uncontrollable need to take over things that I really do not need to be involved in.  I know that there are lots of people that deal with things they have “done to themselves” everyday.  I did it to myself.

HorseBlindersThere are ways to keep myself from doing taking things over.  One is to be conscious of the boundaries in the office.  If the person who is in charge of the program is here and in their space, I should shut up.  Even if I think they are explaining it wrong, just shut it.  Second is to stop paying attention to EVERYTHING in the office.  Put on my “blinders” and do my work.  Ignore the office chatter unless my name is called or one of the few key words that signify that I am being called.

Easier said then done.  I am going to work on it though.  I also need to cut back on the time I spend managing my CafeLand cafe at work.  One thing at a time though 😉


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