Connected by a Thin Thread

Hello out there.

FistofMoneyI am at work (paying job) and it has been kind of slow.  So slow that I have done all my work and now I am almost bored.  I say almost for two reasons. Number one is that I have FaceBook games to alleviate my boredom.  Number two I downloaded GIMP so I can play around and make some graphics for our CTR Program.

I do not really want to play FB games at work.  I would rather do a blog post about how slow it is 😉  It is close to lunch time and I do not want to get into creating something in GIMP and have to stop just as I get into it.  Art is fickle like that.  You can’t just start and stop and expect things to look good.  Most of the time I have to do things in one sitting to ensure I have consistency through out the image.

I do have the stuff I need to work on something though.  I have an idea, a tool that will work, and I ran to the corner store on my break and got some sugary foods to power my creativity.  While Adobe Illustrator would be ideal, but I do not like the free ware version and I do not have the “need” to have the Adobe creative suite on my machine, graphics is just a side duty.

Another reason not to play FB games is one of my co-workers has direct view of my screen.  They can see pretty much everything I do.  Typing in a blog post almost looks like I am sending an email while FB games do not look productive at all.  I find them kind of annoying, but I keep going back to keep my brain off of how monotonous my job is.  Now that I have GIMP I might look at them less. I am not that concerned.

I think I will sketch out the idea I have for my GIMP project today, head to lunch and then get to work.

Yeah, that sounds like a plan.



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