I Failed to Ask “should I…?”


I apologize.

Today, I messed up.  I got reprimanded and that is okay.  I learned from my mistake and will not do it again.  The whole reason I made the mistake was because I failed to ask myself one question before I acted.

I did not ask myself “Should I do this…?”

Obviously I should not have.  I know that I should not have.  This is not even hindsight, talking.  I really knew that I should not have done it.  I just did not let that knowledge effect my actions.


Should I do this…?

I still cannot fathom how out of had everything got.  It was crazy.  The word of mouth advertising was amazing.  I did not even tell anyone.  People can be crazy observant when they want to be. If you want to get some cool information out, just tell a few people and let things flow.  Sometimes you just hand out a few things and it will take care of itself.  Within minutes of me getting to work I had lines of people.  They started a wait list!  I do not think I could have gotten such a response from a company wide email.  If the result had been smaller, I probably would not have gotten Management so worked up.  When you have lines people flowing through your workspace for several hours, your actions have gotten out of hand.

Even more astounding is that all of this started with a simple questions.  “Can you…?”  Once that question was asked the artist / designer in me to over.  I knew I could do it, I just did not know what it would look like.  I went to work and designed the product and it was okay, for a rush job.  So I replied “Yes, I can.” And I did.  They did not ask if I would, I just did.  I did not ask if I should, I just did.

If I had asked “Should I..?” the answer would have been “No.”  Sadly I think I would have still created a few of them for co-workers and turned others away.  I got really carried away and just stopped thinking.  When I stop thinking about my actions, things can go bad quickly.

Lesson learned.  When asked “Can you…?”  I will ask myself “Should I…?” before I do anything.


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