Thanks to WordPorn on Facebook I am learning tons of new words to explain the complex desires, emotions, and thoughts that I have daily.  Today’s word is Novaturient.  It is a adjective meaning; Desiring or seeking powerful change in one’s life, behavior or situation.   Basically how most people feel when they have been doing something for a long time and know that they have grown out of a job/task and the people they work with.

TimeForChangeMany, many people have these feelings.  Many of them do nothing about it.  They just sit in their “status quo” world being miserable. Most do not think they can risk a change.  Change is hard and scary.  No one ever really wants to change.  Most people are creatures of habit and move through the day on auto pilot.  Day in and day out the same thing, hardly a deviation. 

But what if I refuse to change?  How could I break free of the daily rut or grind?  I only have a few suggestions, but they require making a change and possibly taking on extra duties.

1. Pick up a project.  Many offices have “special” projects or tasks that are short term that need to be done.  Why not spice up your job duties by trying one of these tasks.  You will meet some new people, maybe learn a new skill (or use one that has gone unused.)  This may even lead to a new position if it goes well.

2. Decorate your space.  If you work in a cubicle or have an actual work space you can try decorating it (or redecorating it.)  This usually depends on your companies work space policies.  Something as simple as changing the computer’s desktop wallpaper can make a big difference.

3.  Make a slideshow of all the fun or interesting things you get to do at work.  Every time you become unmotivated check out your slideshow or power point and be reminded of the good things about work.

4.  Take your breaks and go some place new.  Go outside for a walk or eat lunch in a new place.  Exercise is known to provide a positive change in mental status (make you happier) and new scenery is always good.

Those are my suggestions.  I am sure there are more out there, feel free to share them.  You might make someones work environment better.


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