Are You Truly Differentiated?

Great point and a great exercise to see if you really are as unique as you think you are.

I/O Musings of a Skeptical Positivist

images (18) Branding is key these days. How do you differentiate yourself? How well does your organization set itself apart from competitors?

Undoubtedly, we all need to spend time periodically reviewing and reestablishing our mission, vision, and values. This is equally applicable to individuals as it is to organizations. This is out companies, non-profits, teams, and each of us individually ensures we are playing to our strengths and passions, as well as understanding the unique value we bring to our environments.

Here in the dark days of winter, particularly when the outside temperatures have rarely gotten above zero for weeks, we each have the opportunity to look deep and figure our own value proposition – to ourselves and to our stakeholders. How are you different from the others out there? Where are you better, and where do you still have room to grow?

Here’s the litmus test….

Personal-Branding-BrandAfter you’ve determined your own…

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