A Change in Method (Marketing)

Every day, on my walk home, I think about things.  I let my mind wander to see what it will come up with.   I try my best to keep it productive, things that could actually be done, though my mind does wander off into the realm of the impractical from time to time.  Lately I have been thinking about marketing and ways to use social media for a variety of things.

Investor figure 3

Artists moving from traditional forms to digital forms can start to understand what business accountants have to deal with when it comes to intangibles. A painting is tangible, but a digital painting is not. When you put things online you are selling the digital representation of the painting.

As a part of my interest in Washington State’s Commute Trip Reduction requirements, my organization has to put forth a “good faith effort” to get our employees to and from work without driving alone.  I have been working on the marketing for the program for four or five years and I have pretty much run out of ways to do “traditional” marketing methods (flyers, promotions, word of mouth, electric reader boards etc.)  I have been working on using Facebook as a marketing platform to get information out.

I chose Facebook for one reason, I am not putting out content 3 to 6 times a day on a schedule.  Usually I will spend an hour or so in the morning reviewing posts from similar agencies or agencies that will effect CTR participants and repost their relevant posts.  My other goal is to have at minimum one original post.  Some days it is a inspirational or funny quote or a short FYI or blog post I discovered while researching for marketing materials.

I have been tinkering with some ideas about creating some survey’s geared towards helping people figure out if alternative commuting is worth looking at (crazy schedules can be a hindrance.)  I would also like to make a fun survey about what kind of commuter the person might be (grumpy bus rider, road rage driven carpool passenger, vanpool mom, etc.)  I know it can be done, I just need to sit down and come up with the Q&A paths.

One problem I have is getting the word out to our employee’s.  I think that I will be able to resolve that with support from our administration department, they have pull and maybe we can get information in the company newsletter.  I am surprised at the number of employees that have Facebook but refuse to become “friends” with people they work with (understandable) or do not know how to create and use the groups feature.  Maybe we need to hold a educational FB course.

It is difficult to make the transition from “traditional” marketing to online, tech savvy methods.  When I have a copy of the flyer or pamphlet I just have the feeling that I accomplished something and I have a physical object to show for it.  Uploading things directly online removes that feeling,  I do not have a hard copy, everything is intangible.  It is a strange feeling.

Things are easier to find, the internet is indexed very well (thank you search engines and Google.)  I use StumbleUpon on a regular basis and I find things I enjoy and am inspired by on a regular basis.  I still have an empty feeling because there is no tangible thing, sitting on a shelf making me look at it once a week when I dust.

I have been reading and researching on using FB for marketing.  I have not had the opportunity to practice much of what I have read.  Some of the ideas require monetary investments, the program does not have a spending account, other require more time than I am willing or able to invest.  More research is required to find a solution that has no cost and low time requirement.  Thankfully I am not in a rush.


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