Postcard For iPhone Lets You Post To Any Social Network At Once, Even Your Own Website

Now this is interesting and useful. I have been looking for something like this for ages. I think I will try to test it out during ECCC 2014.


A new application, Postcard, launching today, will help you cross-post to various social media websites, but with a few unique twists. Unlike similar tools, this “Swiss Army Knife” of an app lets you set any one social network, or even your own website, as the content’s host. So, for example, if you run multiple Twitter accounts, the app could allow you to tweet from one, while the others re-tweet you.

In other words, Postcard is a pro tool designed for those whose job likely involves social media management of some sort.

What’s old is new again, perhaps? In the early days of Web 2.0, with the arrival of social media, a series of applications like, HelloTxt, or Socialthing, helped early adopters handle the psychological overload of having to post to multiple social media websites at once. Today, those consumer-facing businesses have generally shut down, with…

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