Book Review! The Fault of Our Stars ~John Green

I just finished reading The Fault of Our Stars by John Green, off the recommendation of kraves88 (in 5.5 hours since you will ask.)  A very thought provoking book to say the least.  I am up at one am because it has spawned many thoughts and brought up some memories as well. I did not post this at one am because my computer restarted.  I now have time to edit this post. Woo..

fault of our stars_coverThis book may have had more of an impact on me if I had not already discovered the heart wrenching books created for the Make a Wish Foundation in my early teens.  Then the Humane Society put out a series of truly depressing books about rescue pets.  I also made the mistake of purchasing some books via a mail-in book club thing that our school was doing.  This got me the book Ghost Girl by Torey Hayden.  The story is about a young girl that was being molested by her family.  Truly shocking for a girl who just entered junior high school and thought she was getting a horror story (I was really into Steven King and Dean Koontz at the time.)

Back to John Green.  Mr. Green has written several books and has a thriving YouTube Channel.  I did not even realize that he wrote this until my spouse pointed it out.  Mr. Green is very charismatic on YouTube and he writes well.  I was able to visualize much of the story and characters.

Without giving out to many spoilers, the book is about a teenage girl named Hazel that has terminal cancer.  She meets a boy and stuff happens.  Earlier today I likened the story to Romeo and Juliette only with cancer instead of poison.  I stick by my assessment.  Mr. Green does well with his words, I had a hard time putting the book down (hence the fast read.)  I only cried in two spots. Dinner in Amsterdam was just so beautiful, and the pre-funeral was brilliant.

In the end I was left with a churning mind and an after taste of sad.  One thing really I liked about the storyis that it was not as selfish as the Make A Wish books.  Humans are selfish beings, but Mr. Green manages to make Hazel, Gus and Isaac seem much less selfish than any of the protagonists in the Make A Wish books.  Those teens seemed to use their wishes on more selfish things (I would too though.)  I have a feeling that the writers may just not have used the right words or my limited understanding made it seem that way.  Alas, that is what I think.

Again, I would not recommend this book if you read for enjoyment.  The book is sad.TheDispossesed Cover

Kraves88 I have read the book.  Reviewed the book and I feel that I got a short straw on it.  I hope that you enjoy Ursula Le Guin‘s The Dispossesed.  I would recommend anything by Ms. LeGuin any day to anyone.  She has something for just about everyone.


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