My Week in Summary


This week has been pretty good.  Yesterday was by far the day holding the week to such a high position.  I went to Michael’s Art Supply Store and got a bunch of canvases during one of those buy-one-get-one free things.  I got about 8 good sized canvases.  I also found that they modified their Military Discount to go 24/7.  I am super thankful for that.  I probably should have picked up some frame parts so I can do my own canvases, I have everything else.  I do like Micheal’s but I prefer a smaller chain, Dick Blick Studios.  They have reasonable prices all year and they ship pretty much everywhere.  I was able to get stuff in Iraq!  In addition to that, they are an actual art supply store, not more crafting, like Michael’s.

Two Guardians

I called it “Two Guardians.” The light houses guard the narrow rocky passage.

Once I got my awesomely discounted canvases home, I moved my easel upstairs (the basement is stifling my abilities) and got to work.  I have been thinking about something for my brother-in-law.  He wanted an ocean themed painting to go in his living-room, that is sea side themed.  I have been thinking about this for a while, and so it was easy to paint.  I loved being able to get something done.  A great burden lifts when I can get the ideas in my head out, be it in text or acrylic.

Even though I knew what I wanted it to look like, I had to do some research. The lighting at dawn can be weird and I needed to make sure that the lighting was as close to correct as possible.  I think it is a bit on the light side compared to the position of the sun, but it would be really dark and depressing, almost hopeless, if it was darker.  I also opted to have the lighthouse lights off.  I was not able to find good pictures of dawn lighthouses with their lights on and visible.  I did do a sneaky thing.  I painted bronze metallic on the light fixtures, that way when you walk past it they flash, like they are going off.

The other thing I like about this piece is that the sky feels expansive when you look at it.  It is 84 inches long and I really wanted the observer to see how expansive the sky could be.

I still need to work on my clouds.  For some reason I just cannot get good clouds.  These are by far some of my best, but they are still not all that great.  It was really annoying to spend so much time on them.  I think they took the longest and had the most layers (9 if I recall.)

Yes, ONE day made my week so much better.  Work was work, chores are chores, spending all of Saturday painting and drinking Earl Grey tea was the best.  Better than reading!  Better than reading in the bath tub eating bon-bons!  It was awesome.


I hope everyone has a great week!


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