When Employees Are Struggling

Simple yet important actions can save a manager many troubles. This does not just apply to employees though. As a website administrator / manager working with your clients in a similar manner can save you headaches also. The more you talk with the team the better they work together.

Practical Practice Management


Bill was having a hard time keeping up with his workload.  He was starting to feel a stressed out over the situation.  He tried to talk to his manager about how he was feeling and to see if he could get some additional help.  His manager responded that he too was very busy, but that he would discuss the issue with him later, maybe the following week.

One week went by and then two, Bill still had not heard from his manager. He did not want to bug him, as he knew he was extremely busy, but he was falling behind in his work and was beginning to panic over it.

When Bill saw his manager in the break room he felt he needed to approach him regarding the situation.  He told his manager that he needed to discuss the issue; of his workload, that things were getting quite critical. …

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