I dub thee…



Wait, when did that happen?

Knighting_Ceremony_by_SlvrStrykerMy spouse recently dubbed me a Nerd.

What is a Nerd?  Well, since I married a Geek, I have a pretty good definition, supplied by said geek. Nerds are passionate about a small group of things and are quite often introverted.  Geeks are passionate about lots of things and are often extroverted.

There is such a bad stigma on the word, Nerd.  It is almost as bad as calling someone a jock, slut, jerk or loser.  This is a case of stereotyping and judging a large group of people on a smaller, but more prominent, subgroup.  I am not a “pale kid,” dungeon dweller, egg head or anything like that.  Not many people are. Yet that is what we envision when we hear the words nerd or geek.

I did not really consider myself a nerd or geek until recently.  It is my spouses fault really.  He is a huge geek, self admitted.  Dungeon’s and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, console games, PC games, history, cars, guns and law; they all seem to fascinate him and he knows a lot about a lot.  I think that my narrower scope of interests, art, RPG style computer/console games, web design, books and, the coup-de-gras, I like to be at home, has let him dub me a nerd.  Much of these were not even a huge interest until I met him and let him get me involved in things like PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) or ECCC(Emerald City Comic Con.)

I was not always a “nerd” though, I think I have always been a bit on the geeky side. I like books, so sue me.  I think the nerdy trend happened in my teen years.  I live in the middle of nowhere.  No TV, no radio, nothing but fish, books, and video games.  Isolation in those important years altered my personality and kept me from being a cheerleader (for which I am happy about.)

I ran through the small local library first.  I even read the self-help and how-to books. Then I got to work on some video games.  The first one I remember liking (enough to remember its name even) was Crusaders of the Dark Savant.  It was hard and had pretty good graphics.  The first video game I purchased (almost all on my own) was Final Fantasy VII ($90 CAN.)  I had loved FFIV so much I wanted to buy one of the games (both are on my top 5 list of fave video games.)

You will notice that there is no mention of board games or card games.  I am not that lucky or skilled to play these and win a fraction of the time.  I avoid these due to the low chance of wining, losing all the time is not fun, nor is it educational.  I remember I once won Monopoly,  that was over 15 years ago.  I gloated for a whole day.

googlieNails, Espionage cosmetics

The Googlie Eye Minion Nail Wraps from Espionage Cosmetics. They have some super cool designs, literature, circuit boards, nebula and comic book sounds, to name a few.

I have to say that I love the Nerd/Geek culture.  The intelligent and inside jokes, silly actives and the wide variety of skills members have.  There is even a really significant female subculture within.  I get to be a geek girl and do the things that I wanted to do as a teenager.  Colors in my hair and googlie eyes on my nails.  Being a Nerd is not all bad 😉



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