A Problem with Vision

VisonI have 20/20 eyesight.  This post is not about that kind of vision.  That is a small ‘v’ type problem.  I am talking about Vision.  The thing designers, PM’s, Managers and Directors have when working on a project.  It is also known as a goal if you are not a visual person.

This past month has been busy, so busy that I have not had time to think about a post.  I have a consulting client and and actual web development client.  In addition one of my previous clients moved his site to WordPress (you are welcome for the recommendation.) I also am rebuilding my spouses website since he is changing focus.  That is quite a bit on top of a full time job.

What does that have to do with Vision?

I have a Vision…  Not a dream, those are less concrete and not always based in reality (they are fun sometimes, I have awesome dreams.)

These Visions are of completed projects for myself, clients and friends.  Some of the Visions include a “how to” guide and others do not.  If I think about things enough I can figure out the steps, best methods and problems I will run into. Things that are good to know and will speed along a project. Some of the Visions are so clear and complete I can See and Hear them, like they are completed and working.  It is really incredible.

NeedAGuideThe problem is with the Visions that some are BIG and do not come with “how to” guides.  I am not experienced enough in some areas to know exactly what steps to take to get to the end of the project.  Some times I cannot See where to separate a section of a project into smaller steps or phases. I have had this problem in previous projects and had to abandon them for various reasons (usually time.)

Projects where I have little or no Vision do not always go well.  They have a tendency to get put on the back burner while I wait for the Vision to clarify itself or just get dropped all together.  Others just end up mediocre and I do not learn anything.  I despise those kinds of projects.  They are boring and almost a waste of time.

Projects that have a clear Vision with little guidance are hard to work on, but usually rewarding (because I learn something.)  They do not always turn out as planned, that can be good or bad.  I always do the best I can to get the desired result.  Often I run into time constraints and have to rush things along because I spent to much time researching.

There is a pretty easy solution the problems with unclear Visions.


The internet is full of information, guides and tutorials to show one how to do things.  Always do research.  Someone out there has probably documented their journey through a similar problem and you CAN use it help you succeed.  It may not be the fastest solution but it is going to be the best.  You will have this knowledge and experience to use on future projects.  Your Visions will come to fruition and the clients will be happy (we can hope.)

Do not let your lack of experience make you fail.  I am not going to!


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