Shaping your Life

A friend of mine posted the following on FaceBook:

“I’d like to know about a powerful piece of media that played a role in shaping your life. It doesn’t have to be your ‘Favorite’ (And very possibly ‘won’t’ be), and you don’t necessarily had to have experienced it yourself (It could be the music your parents loved, the book your kids are reading, a movie you wanted to watch, etc…). Any medium, whatever definition of media you choose to use, just tell me about it, in as many, or as few words as you like.”

Wad Of ClayThere are so many things that make us who we are today.  This question made me thing about things that made me, me.  Not just media but events too.

1. Roald Dahl made me want to read.  The BFG, and James and the Giant Peach in addition to the cool Gothic illustrations were exciting and fun.

2. Coloring Contests in the news paper.  The local newspaper had weekly coloring and drawing contests.  I won so many that my whole family got McDonald’s every month or so.  Proof that you can draw for a living, even at a young age.

3. Stories.  I had a really good friend that could spin the best yarns.  It is his fault that I love stories.

4. School and Computers.  I discovered I liked computers when my school got a bank of Macintoshes.  It was super cool to learn to type and to program a little turtle to draw a line.

5. Parents.  Children of divorce often come away with all kinds of emotional scars.  I am sure I am no exception.  I did learn a lot about life, what happiness is and much about people.

6. Military.  I learned more about life and what I did not want to do and what I wanted to do.  I was glad to leave and sad to leave at the same time.

7. Marriage.  I never thought I would find someone that would help me learn more about my self.  My spouse is awesome.

These are not the only events that make me, me.  These are just some of the big ones.  I am not even sure that I know what all of them are.

We go through life, some of us floating, some of us slogging.  Every thing we see and hear shapes us and make us new and different.

What events have shaped your life?


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