Book Review: Thirteen Reaons Why by Jay Asher

Another slow week.  I have not worked on my painting nor have I had a clear headed moment to work on any web design/development.  Life is busy and yet routine all at once. The best thing to do is read a book.

Another reason for another book review is that I LOVE reading.  I read like some people eat, breath and sleep; it is a part of my natural functions.  I read to know what the author knows, to get inside someone else’s head and understand things from a new point of view, to experience things that I will not get to experience.  I do not read just to escape, or gain knowledge, or any of the other classic reasons to read.  I want to see and understand more about everything.  Which is why there will be a wide range of books that I might review.  I take suggestions!

ImageI found out about Thirteen Reasons Why off a list of suggested books to “change the way you think.”  I had read several of the books listed and they were okay, so I read the summaries and picked a few that I might want to read.  I found Thirteen Reasons Why quickly on my e-reader and here we are.

This is a story with a serious mood.  It is busy, past paced and chock full of emotion.  It has a unique view of how suicide effects people.  Not just the victim, but the lives of the friends, family, and people the victim may not even realize are impacted.

Jay Asher does an amazing job of setting up the story and has a unique way to present the information to us, the readers.  The suicide has already occurred and we relive the deceased’s life through a classmate via some recorded cassette tapes (and a map.)  We read as the classmate listens to why someone felt that their life was not worth the effort anymore.  We are taken through a chain of events that, while small in the eyes of others, lead to a tragic death, and a bit of blackmail

While I may not have benefited from this book growing up, I know that many would have.  I want to say this is a book for teens and their parents / teachers.  It is not.  It is all to easy to substitute a school environment for a work environment, and a teen for a 30 something with a new job, new city, new life.  We could all be the victim or someone trying to be a friend who gets left behind.

I am not going to give away any more than that, not that the story would suffer if you knew more.  I just want you to read the book and have a reasonably untainted experience.

I have so much more to say about this book.  I would rather you read it and let me know what you think.  Maybe you will agree this should be something that all citizens of planet Earth should read.  Maybe it will help you, or someone close, through a difficult situation.  That is what kind of book this is.


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