Yesterday I got a lovely comment on one of my posts.  It said something to the effect of; “you must spend a lot of time writing.  There is some software to create unique posts for your blog.”  I debated for a while about allowing the comment to show on the blog roll.  In the end I chose not to and deleted it.

cheating_rectI did not really deem the comment worth replying to or sharing.  I am not a cheater.  I do not blog to get people to follow me (it is nice.)  I blog because I enjoy it.  It gives me something to do on slow days, helps me keep tabs on what I am doing (or should be,) and it allows me to share things I enjoy.  Having some software create my posts for me ruins the experience. Why would anyone want to read some computer generated garbage, when a real human is typing these words and doing their best to express themselves in a medium that is not their specialty?

I am not a writer.  I really struggle to type up a post each week (ish.)  I spend many hours thinking about what to post, what not to say, what the best words are, and do I have an image that will support the post.  I spend time on each of these posts, no matter how meaningless the are to those that choose to read them or ignore them.  The only purpose they serve is to put my opinion and skills out to the world.

It is nice if they help someone, but it is not necessary. Even if one of my life goals is to help people with my words or art, it is not necessary.  I will live happy with the knowledge that I put myself out there and tried.  I did, not some computer program that generated a few hundred words that were optimized to get me more followers.

What would the followers be following anyway?  Computer software that knows buzz words, that’s what.  No human being that has feelings, thoughts, plans or dreams.  Software someone wrote and is (probably) being abused by lazy people.

Not me.  I will stick with the genuine human experience, as much as I possibly can.



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