Scheduling Your Posts

I have fallen in love with scheduling my posts.

I have bouts of thoughts that want to be posts.  Once I move them into draft status they seem to just languish there.  I look in on them from time to time, but I cannot seem to make them work for me.  I am afraid to delete them, “I may use them.” and “They are still valid ideas.”   Being practical, I need to delete them, they are not going to be used.

There are times when you just need to go with what works.

Tonight I have written three posts.  One was posted right away, one scheduled a few days out and this one a few days more.  It is nice to have the week all planned out and not worry about what I thought I wanted to say.

Initially I was trying to do a post every week.  The problem was that all my ideas would come on one or two days of the week, or not at all for weeks.  I tried to keep any that I got for the day I needed to post.  That was a failure!  They are just sitting in my drafts, doing nothing.  I have forgotten where I was going to go with them, or they are no longer interesting to me.  Some I still need images for (like a tutorial I have planned.)

With the scheduling I can type up all my ideas into posts and not worry about forgetting what I was writing.  Just write, save, schedule and go.  Now I know my post is going out and I will make sure it is what I wanted to say.  None of this humming and hawing over the topic or content.

If you have not, try writing a few posts, all on one day (when the inspiration hits you,) then schedule your posts.  It was a load off my mind.  It might help some of you who are struggling to meet your blog post goals.


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