You Never Know…

Today I started watching the first episode of BBC America’s Sherlock. In the opening scene Dr. Watson is having a flashback to his time in the military.  Then he speaks with his psychiatrist about his inability to write anything in his blog because,  “Nothing ever happens to me.”

I have been thinking about the things that do happen to us, or lack of things to happen (depending on your lifestyle.)  I have been thinking about what our reaction to said lifestyle.  Some of us are happy with the level of activity and some are overwhelmed and even underwhelmed. Some long for the quite boring life of a “librarian” and others long for active life of a “rock star.”

boardwalkpathFor the most part I am happy with my relatively calm boring life.  I have been to many places, more that the average American or Canadian.  I have seen things that I never wanted to and many that I wish would stay with me forever.  I have been the one to set much of the events that I have been through in motion.  All me…

The fun thing with life is you never really know what an action will set into motion.  When I went to school I was thinking that I set some events into motion that would help aim my life to something fun, challenging and interesting.  I am rather disappointed that nothing interesting, challenging or fun came from it.  Almost like it was a dead end.

I have been pondering what my next action should be.  I am not “qualified” for any of the entry level positions available.  I have driven myself into frustration trying to learn more and find a job in the field.  I still want to do fun and creative things for the internet, but I have other interests that are calling for my time.

Do I give up on the degree and pursue other interests?  Do I focus on paying the bills and have “hobbies?”  Do I try to pursue my chosen career path?

So many options and so many forks in the paths that we all walk.  Then you never know what will happen when you take a path or set something into motion.

Be Brave, Adventurer.  Walk boldly wherever you choose to go.



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