Something You Can Do…

I typed this into Google and got a sermon, a few lists of things you can only do in a variety of countries and not much else.

Is there something out there that ONLY you can do?  Not because you have done it so long people think that it is part of you.  Not because you always just do it.  Not because it “happened” to you.  Something innate that you do and are the only person you know that is good at.  Something that makes people glad you were there, because they do not know how to do it (or not nearly as well as you.)

This question has been cropping up in my head a bunch the past few weeks.

“What is something that ONLY I can do (within my sphere of influence?)”

Like many people I am good at all sorts of things.  I am good at cleaning, cooking, typing, my job, organizing things, drawing, painting, designing layouts, really anything crafty (I can even knit!)  I am even decent at programming and building databases.  The problem is that I know lots of people who enjoy most of these more than I do and/or are better than I am.  Let’s face it cleaning is not fun to most people and no one wants the fun organized out of anything.


Easier said than done.

I always hoped that I had a skill that was unique to my sphere.  I have friends that draw better, enjoy cleaning (weirdos,) type faster with more accuracy, and my job is easy (a “mentally challenged primate” can do it.)  The only skill I have that I can share is how things “fit” best.  I do have the “amazing” ability to design publications, layouts and spaces.  I have awesome visions of things that  should be one in order for a project to succeed. I have great ideas for games, videos, stories, illustrations.  My “visions” can be amazing and very clear.

What is something that ONLY you can do?  Have you been able to use it?


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