Something You have Always Done

There are things that I have “always” done. Creating art is one.  As soon as I could I started creating art in the dirt, in the sand, in the mud, pretty much anyway I could.  When I was a kid the local news paper did a coloring and drawing contest.  I got quite a few McDonald’s meals for the family with my incessant drawing.  My mother sent me a photo album with some of the clippings (gotta love moms.)

Red and blue Dancers

Red Dancer and Blue Dancer. Acrylic on canvas.

As I grew up I chose to focus on drawing.  It was cheap and easy to carry around.  I moved from pencil drawings to colored drawings. I love color and crayons and colored pencils soon became more important than pens and pencils.  I still keep a few boxes of each around the house.  It is cheaper to use and they do not warp the sketch book.  When I was in my teens my parents got me into paints and I took off from there.

I love to paint.  It is something I have “always” done.  Even when I am doodling with crayons I am envisioning the way the picture will look in vibrant acrylic paints (I never got the hang of water colors and dislike the effects, oil takes to long to dry and I never really liked the way it looks – on my art.)

I have to say I was not the “best” in my art classes.  I live in my head to much to really appreciate what the teachers were trying to impress upon us art students.  I did learn to love all forms of art from art class.  If I could not paint I would be a potter, I think, that is my next favorite type of art. Pottery is far more useful that painting.  Or maybe weaving.  You can make images just like a painter, only in fabric.

If I was suddenly not able to create I am not sure what I would do.  It has been such a part of my being, that I would be at a loss.  I can image making art if I was blind, lost my hands and a variety of other things that could happen.  I have never considered life without art.  It is such a part of my being, that I just cannot do it.

I do take it for granted some times.  The ability to draw out what is in your head to share it with others.  Not everyone has it, and it is easy to forget that.

What is something that you have always done?


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