Late Night Thoughts

The problem with changing your schedule is that your thoughts also change.  The darker it is the darker the thoughts seem to be.  Being on a day time schedule for a very long time I was unprepared for the darker thoughts.  It being close to Hallowe’en may also contribute to these things.

We all have fears, things that we are not going to tell anyone.  Be it a fear of clowns, living, failure, success, or death, we all fear something.  Day light lets us hide our fears behind the light, while the night brings them forward.  The light is not present to keep the fears in the corners of our minds.

This struggle is documented by artists of all sorts.  Dali painted amazing and fantastical, yet his topics can bring forward anxieties with the topics and deformity of his subjects. Many of our favorite songs are about things we fear, and artists have been working death into their paintings for years, Charles Allan Gilbert, for example.  Authors like Stephen King explore many different fears that we posses.

‘Tis the season for these types of thoughts.

Enjoy the season and do not let all the fears get to you to much.


Happy Hallowe’en!!


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