Better Blogging!

I have decided that I am going to try to be better at this blogging thing.  Since I started posting the tutorials I have gotten quite a few more followers.  I like that.  I want to reach more people and share my interests.  I never really thought I was a good teacher (to scatterbrained) but I think I can keep my posts structured and educational.  I learn through the tutorials, so it is a win, win.

How am I going to be a better blogger?

Well, for starters stop letting Stumble Upon distract me for 45 minutes before I start a post (but it is VERY fun.) I have written down things that I want to cover in my two main topics; Beginning Web Development and Beginning Artist, which will each get posts once a week.  I have also decided that I want a random post each week on a topic that interested me.  It might be news, a freak out, a book review or perhaps an ode to my preferred tea flavor that week (Touch Organics – white tea this week, fyi.) It will be a surprise every week.

That sounds like a lot of work each week.  Three posts! How is that going to work?

I am going to do most of the typing and research on the weekends and schedule them for the week.  I LOVE the scheduling feature! (That is three exclamation points in this post.  I need to calm down.  We will see how that goes, hehehe…) I still do not have set days I will be posting things.  It kind of depends on how fast I can create content images for each of the tutorials.  Drawing takes practice and Web Development is all about tinkering, both take time to do.

I am also looking for feedback and input.  If you read something in a post and it is not clear (or wrong) please let me know.  I value the feedback and will use it in future posts.  It is hard to correct things when I do not know they are wrong or explain things that are unclear if I do not know.  Tell me!

Thank you for reading and I look forward to writing more and better posts.


2 thoughts on “Better Blogging!

    • Thank you. Passion and curiosity are the reasons I keep blogging.
      As I practice my blogging I get to improve my art skills and web dev skills. They need it! I also get to share the journey with like minded people, people who are interested in getting better at things they are passionate about.
      No one starts out great at anything (good maybe, but not great.) The thing to understand is you are not going to get better if you do not practice or strive to get better. Practice (even if it is blogging) is really important.

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