Some days are better than others. Some days the Fear stays in its corner, no peep to be heard. Many days it only stands close, whispering. Then there are the days it touches me, caresses me like a lover and paralyzes my mind.

I have things that I fear just like anyone else. I know most of the things that cause my Fear to move into action. What amazes me are the things that are completely unrelated to my known triggers that suddenly cause Fear to spring into motion, sliding towards me, eager to cause a panic.

Being a visual person, I want to visualize what Fear looks like, just like I did for Jealousy. Fear, to me, is shadow. It has eyes to see connections between things that we do not. It has sharp claw like nails used inject paralytics into your body, mind or soul at a touch. Teeth that gnaw and prick, getting under your skin.

Fear can hide so completely that you think it is gone, only to show up at the most inopportune time. Fear can stop you with a look, touch or sound. Fear wants you to know that it is in control.

But it is not really in control. Fear lies. Fear is a victim of itself. Fear is afraid to be ignored, forgotten and left behind. It does everything it can to make sure you stay with it.

Fear wants to keep you in the dark about how powerful you are. Fear wants to monopolize you, like a bad friend. Hide you in a closet and keep the world from seeing your greatness. The great things you can accomplish if you just ignored it or moved on.

The proverbial Dawn comes and Fear retreats back to its hiding place. Waiting for the day it can be with you again. Waiting for the day that you let your guard down and it can caress you once again.

To many times have we let Fear monopolize our talents. We hid behind meaningless words. “No time…” “No money…” “Not ____ enough.” These all just mean AFRAID.

We need leave our bad friend, Fear. Find some friends that will support you. Take Joy for example. Joy hangs out waiting patiently for you to notice that it is there. It does not haunt you, whispering false promises. Joy likes to share your talents with others and gets stronger when others see and relate to your work. Joy spreads like the sun cresting over a hill at dawn, filling all the hidden indents and illuminating them.

Be friends with Joy. Tell Fear to take a hike.

… and Fear whispers “Easier said than done.”

Dualing Lighthouses

A painting I did for a friend. It came out darker than anticipated but the mood in the painting is perfect for this post.


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