Reflections on 2014

Many of us bloggers are looking back over our years.  Some of us will focus on the things we failed to complete, others will just review key events and the rest will summarize the successes.

I will be celebrating my successes.

1. Completed 2 of 3 “Year of 300” goals.

  • approx 450 hours of “fine art” including 6 paintings and 4 computer graphics
  • approx 400 hours of exercise.  Most of this is walking to and from work.  My Dr. says I am surprisingly fit for someone of my weight/height ratio.
  • approx 150 hours of web dev.  Just could not sit in front of a computer more than I do at work, and the few projects I did get done on the computer.

2. I got out and did stuff.

  • I worked ECCC 2014, all four days.  I discovered that I need to take a day off AFTER the event
  • I worked PAX Prime 2014, all four days.  Took the day after off, even though I did not feel as tired as usual.  I am still undecided if I want to work it next year.
  • I went to JetCity Comic Con as an Attendee!  My first con as an attendee.  It was really nice to just mill around and look at stuff.  I got to see some really cool art and talk lots of interesting people.
  • I helped a teeny bit with Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show.  I created some flyers for a new section.
  • I did my best to get out and walk around and take photos and “see” my surroundings.

3. Stayed at home and did stuff.

  • Hosted a 72hour game-a-thon at my house.  Cooked food and everything.  It was fun even though there was not much turn out.
  • Painting, Painting, Painting.
  • World of Warcraft, the little bit of time I felt like sitting in front of a computer.
  • READ!!  I started and completed quite a few books.  Not all of them were awesome.  I have some that are difficult reads and I am still working on them.
  • Started an Instagram account (bycarissac if you want to follow me.)  I have learned that it is very important to tag your posts, hashtag this and hashtag that.  I like Instagram better than Twitter though.  Images are more important to me than snippets of words.
  • Started an online portfolio, web design tutorial (I’m stuck on content right now) and a drawing tutorial (also stuck on content.)

I think that sums up most of the stuff.

Next year will be pretty awesome too.



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