Better Attitude? Yeah… Riiight

Today was the first Monday of the new year.  2015 is in full swing and my attitude about the new year and its possibilities did not fly very high.

THIS IS A RANT!!  I am venting my irritation at my day.

I started the day tired, my brain just would not stop thinking about things.  I even abstained from caffeine Sunday to ensure that I could sleep.  That failed.

I exercised this morning.  My heart rate pounded with the slightest exertion.  Four days of lazing around and the lack of sleep did a number on me.  I also tried some “core strengthening” yoga poses.  My back (Dr. says I sprained it) is very tender and hurts.  Sitting all day did not help it at all.

I almost missed lunch due to the volume of work that kept walking into my office.  A poorly scheduled meeting, person after person after person, parading in and out of my work space.  I did not get half my work done.  I cannot image that my office mates got anything done either.

The “better” attitude that I planned on entering the new year with quickly evaporated.

There are days where I really just want to live in a hole and not see, hear or speak to any people or things.

I really did try to have a positive attitude about today.

I was going to go in and kick butt, take names and do my job so well that I would out do my records for 2014.  I was going to have a better attitude towards my co-workers and do what I could to help them.  I was going to get stuff done!

In reality the gym kicked my butt. I took names, and promptly lost them in the flood of emails, voices and post-its.  How quickly this year went to crazy was the only record I set.  I was able to keep my head above the proverbial water, just barely.  Not much got done.

Some days (like today) I would not mind being unemployed.

I hope everyone’s Monday went better than mine.

caseofTHeMondaysI think so…


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