The World is my Muse

It is common for people to ask well known artists “what is your inspiration?” in some form or another. Some artist actually have a person, place or thing that they feel inspires them. These artists usually use this muse as the focus of their work. Love songs, sculptures, paintings and drawings all relating to the muse.

Some artists do not really have a muse. They create when they are moved by something or have an idea. The world is their muse. They can be walking down a street, for the 100th time, and see something, for the 100th time, and suddenly it is noticeable and amazing. They may be having a bad day and take it out on a canvas (or whatever medium they prefer.) The next thing you know there is something amazing where there was only white.

Of the artists that I know about half feel they “need” a muse to create good works. When they are museless they are usually moody and depressed, waiting for a new muse to show up. Most trudge on, but feel the art is substandard. Some do stop working completely and just mope until a new muse comes along.

I kind of think these guys create for themselves and luck out that people like their work. They have strong connections to their work. (personal opinion!)

The world is my muse. I create off the things I see and things that make me feel.

When I walk down the street and see that lamp post for the 110th time, it may just be the most amazing and inspirational thing I have seen all week. It might make me create something. On the other hand I may store the information for later use. Some of the things that are observed can create new and more interesting creations, if they have time to grow and combine with other ideas. When I get the urge to create I pull these ideas out of my head and put them on paper, canvas, computer, film, or whatever medium they call for. Sometimes it is a sudden creation, a few hours. Others take a lot of time and additional research and can take days or months to complete.

The other half of the artists that I know (me included) create all the time. They never seem to stop. They see something in the world or feel something and out comes art. They may like it, and they may not. It does not stop them from moving on to the next thing. Someone will connect with the piece and their job is done.

I kind of think these guys create because it is fun and are happy that others like it. They have weak connections to most of their work and are happy to “get rid” of it. More space for new stuff! (personal opinion!)

Whatever your stance on Muses might be. Creating something is amazing. Never stop.



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