Negativity Monster

The Negativity Monster strikes again. Out of the blue, during my bed time routine.
“You can’t  do it.”the Monster says.
“You messed it up already. It is never going to be as good the second time around .”
“You don’t know how to do that. Learning will take to long.”
“Why do you even bother trying?”

No matter how much anyone likes my work, it is never enough to shut up the Monster.  It nibbles at my good mood. Eroding any joy I had about finished works. Blocking any good intentions I had for starting something new.

I hate you Monster.
Just leave me alone. I want to do things. I want to have fun and joy, without you lording over me.
Bug off.

You always make me spiral into despair. Nothing gets done and my visions and dreams go un-created. Some even die before they have a chance to be examined.
I want to see things, Monster. Not  have my sight blocked by you because you say that I ‘can not’ do it.
That lamppost is interesting, even  if I have looked at it 100 times. This time is is interesting.

Stop talking  to me about my failures.
I have many succeses. You may see them as small and unworthy. They are still sucesses.

Stop pointing out all the things I have not done.  Stop telling me that I will never do them. Stop saying that I am stuck where I am and I will NEVER move on or up.
I will do things at my pace. I will choose what I will and will not do. I am not stuck. I can move on and up.

Monster, leave me in peace


3 thoughts on “Negativity Monster

  1. Give that monster a big kick up the ass and send them on their way! Only the strength of our own thoughts provide it with the air to breathe and the anxiety to continue to feed.

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