Wall of Dancers

This post was supposed to go out on Friday.  I did not verify that it was saved before I closed my browser.  Silly me. *Shakes head*

I have painted several dancers / gymnasts in my last series of paintings.  I tried different styles and color combinations, even monochromatic to try to capture what I was thinking and feeling as I watched the videos, or remembered performances.


Wall of Dancers, acrylic on canvas.

Starting on the left we have “the Red Dancer.”  I painted this in 2013 after watching a belly dancing demonstration.  This painting has a “sister” in “the Blue Dancer,” which was damaged in my last move.  Once I add it I will have five dancers.

Next up is “Flying:Aerial Silks”  I was going for a nebula or space effect in the background. I tried a different style to get the background.  I am still undecided on if I like it or not. This was the first of my new dancers, completed just before new year in 2014.

The big one is “Flying like the Moon.”  The roue cyr (cyr wheel) was the gymnastic that started the whole “dancer” series.  I was stumbling around the internet and saw a video with Interie and was hooked.  I spent three hours watching different videos watching different dancers and gymnasts.  While the first idea it was the last one I painted.  I even went through a few variations before I chose this one.

Last up is “Flying like a Comet.”  I always thought the ribbon rhythmic gymnasts looked like comets flying around the floor.  I could have chosen any color for this one.  I was very undecided but settled on blue/purple/white.  Photos of comets are usually blue/green and white.  I like purple so I added a bit of that.

I really enjoyed painting these and I have already moved onto another set of paintings.  The same inspiration in two different styles.  I should be posting them soon!


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