Book Review: Those Who Hunt the Night- Barbara Hambly

This is going to be a weird post. I am typing on my cell phone in a café.

Those Who Hunt the Night was on of my first forays into reality meets supernatural beings. It pretty much set the standard for mastery and fantasy fiction for me. I love this book so much I tracked down a hard cover version via e-Bay. My paperback was loaned out and not returned.
Did I mention this book is out of print? It was hard to find a copy.

Vampires are real and they have a problem. They go to retired secret agent turned professor Mr. Asher. They sneak into his home put his wife and maid into a comatose state. All to make their point, he will help them or lose everything he loves.
Mr. Asher travels all over Europe with his vampire liason Ysidro getting into all kinds of trouble. Mrs. Asher (a main and key character) following up a different path of inquiry.  This leads to the solution to the problem. An old friend from their past.  Jealousy is a strong driver for a bad idea.

This book is about the murder of community member and the lengths that a community will go through to find justice. This book is not about vampires or humans. It is about finding a solution with anything you can. Even if that means you have to overcome predijuces ( yes it is spelt wrong. My cell does not know what I mean…)

This story has none of the commonplace stuff that newer vampire and supernatural books haves. Namely sex and smut. Not that that is a bad thing, but it is quite commonplace.

This is an awesome book and has lead me to look for other books by Ms. Hambly.  If you like this check out The Silicon Mage. There is also a list of books on her website, a wide variety!

Good Reading!



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