Giving it a Go: Planning Stages

Flying like the Moon, Acrylic on Canvas. I apologize for the terrible photo.

Flying like the Moon, Acrylic on Canvas.
I apologize for the terrible photo.
We all have things we strive for. Some of us want to reach for the Moon, others the Sun and still more, the Stars. I am happy with the Moon.

Sometime this past week or so I decided that I would try and sell my art, maybe even try making a living at it.

Like everything that can be considered a “big step” or “big deal,” I am going to do things in some kind of order.

1. Research / Planing

2. Small Gears first

3. Medium Gears / Balancing dreams

4. Go for Broke

I am going to do some research.  I need to find out the costs of getting scans and prints made.  Find out how to protect my art.  Do I need a business license or something of the sort and plan for any financial problems. Figure out how much time I can devote to this endeavor. I can do my own website and what not, woo.

I want to do some small things first.  I plan on starting online with prints, cards and the like.  I am not sure if I want to use Deviant Art’s store and print shop or if I should go with Etsy or Shopify and manage inventory myself.  Questions like this is why planning is important.

I want to go into this with a plan. Plans are good.

I want to start submitting stuff into contests or open art calls.  I think this kind of thing could be really fun (and very stressful.)  I know that I will need to start talking to more people (scary) and promoting myself more.

I really, really want to work my art into web development some how.  Web development is an art in itself.  I it is not something I want to give up on.  At this point I can see myself doing both and being good at it.

I am not sure yet if I want to paint/draw full time or do web dev full time.  They are both very interesting.

The goal, like so many others, is to quit my “day” job and do what I decide is the way I want to go.

Who knows what a year (or more) will bring.  I may fail and be working at a minimum wage job. I may be successful as a painter and share my vision with colors and brushes. I may get some better coding education and take off as a web developer who shares the world in code.

Who knows.

I kind of like the not knowing.

The planning and research that happens when you decide you would like to try something.  Figuring out potential pitfalls or successes.  It is interesting and fun… in a scary way.

Now that I have these thoughts out of my head, maybe I can sleep.



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