Brain Trust

Most of us have had a job that does not take much brain power to do.  My spouse has just gotten one of those. Needless to say he comes home claiming to have lost IQ points.

Since I got my drawing pens I figured I would practice and draw something that would reflect his new job.

A Brain Check. Like a Coat Check but for brains!  Complete with kind of iffy looking attendant.


Brain Trust. A Coat Check for your brain. Use with caution, they seem a little shady. 😉

On a more professional note…

I remembered one of the reasons why I have not done much drawing in the past.  It takes FOREVER.  The above illustration (comic if you want to call it that) took two hours.  I started sitting nice and tall and took brakes every 15 min or so.  Yet I was still hunched over my table, my face inches from the end of the pen.

I apologize to any of my artist friend who I may have insulted.  Drawing is hard and time consuming.  You have to plan EVERYTHING.  Double check your lines and make sure you are not pressing to hard with your pencil.  You never know how the image will scan or photograph.  ugh…

Props to all you pen and ink artists.

I have two different brands of pens that I am using.  Faber-Castell (came in a set) and Micron (bought the two smallest sizes.)  I am really preferring the Micron pens.  They seem smoother when I draw with them. I also like having the size on the pen. 005 or 02 is more meaningful to me than S or B.

Night All!


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