Low Battery

Yesterday I ran out of “happy.”


Low battery. I usually use this term to mean that I am low on energy or the ability to interact with people.

Basally I had not had enough time to recharge my battery and was not as “customer service” as I normally am.  I let the negative things happening in my little world impact how I was acting.

I try really hard to keep up the “customer service” “happy” persona up while at work.  Things can get pretty negative and my attitude does not need to make things worse.  There are days where I think that my “happy” persona is the only reason some of my co-workers are still there.

We really support each other when the others are having a rough day.

Since I was really busy yesterday and used one of my drawings from last weekend I made sure I took the time to draw something good today.  At least I think it is good.  I kept getting interrupted and that made me slow down and focus on the lines and shapes.

Have a good weekend.

Recharge your batteries!


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