I walk a lot.  I have posted this fact many times.

Today I walked down by a very scenic part of Tacoma, Wa,  Ruston Way.

I took a bunch of photos and since I was tired after the walk, I drew “me” walking.

The proportions are off, but I do not think it is to bad.  The first full body person I have drawn in a very long time.


Walk it off. Walk off your problems, walk away your worries, walk your way to a solution.

Walking is very therapeutic, in my opinion.  You can walk as fast or as slow as your mind allows.  You can solve problems, create ideas, or just empty your head.  Walking is also pretty good for exercise (why I went today.)

My body is invigorated, yet tired, and my mind has relaxed and not stuck on one problem.  All because I got off my butt and went for a walk.

In addition you get some of my cellphone pictures.  Hope you enjoy them.  I enjoyed taking them. 🙂


Mt. Rainier from Ruston Way in Tacoma, Wa


Picnic table in a field of flowers. Cute little place to eat a picnic. Ruston Way, Tacoma Wa.  I really like how this one turned out.


Ruins of a mill or dock along Ruston Way. I think sunset photos will give a much more interesting lighting to these decrepit buildings.


4 thoughts on “Walking

  1. Great photos! The second one is kinda magazine-like even. I also find walks to be very therapeutic, you can enjoy beautiful nature and forget about your problems for a minute. I love to walk in the forest near my city. But it’s too cold now. Maybe in a month…

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